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Hey all — We have semi-official dates for the Italy 2011 trip! We hope to leave on March 23, 2011, and return on April 3, 2011. And, BONUS!!!! The price of the trip dropped almost $900!!!!! The quoted price is now $3547 (not including lunches and souvenirs). So for anyone who couldn’t afford it before, you might be able to now! :) If interested, go to www.educationaltravel.com and log in to the mynetc page. Username is kentonridgehs and password is netc2011. You can sign up, make payments, and do pretty much everything online. Remember that you have to have a passport, so if you don’t have one, you’ll have to apply for one (do it as soon as you can!) When else are you going to get 12 days in Rome for $3500??? SIGN UP NOW!!! :)

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This is unit is on Economic Adaptive Strategies, or how different cultures provide for themselves. We will be studying foraging, cultivation, pastoralism, and industrialism.Cultural Studies Notes 3 — Adaptive Strategies

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Here are the notes for Unit 3. The Review Questions for the Unit will be uploaded by Tuesday.

Sociology Notes Unit 3 (Socialization)

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Here is your TCI for this week. Copy and paste the address in your browser.


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Here are the rest of the notes for this unit. We will be looking at beliefs, material/nonmaterial culture, ideal/real culture, and cultural diversity and similarity. Make sure you bring these to class with you!

Notes 2.4 — Beliefs
notes 5 — diversity

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Here are the notes for 2.3 — Values.
Sociology Notes 2.3 — Values


Here are the notes for this chapter. I have one section to go, so you might want to wait printing out the last page until I add to it (right now it’s only a few lines at the top of a page). This should get us through next week. Yay Divorce Court :)

Cultural studies notes : Unit 2 Language (updated)

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Notes are up. We will be covering norms and values this week.

Notes — Norms and Sanctions


This week, we will be looking at the different ways that sociologists view society. These perspectives are the basis for how we will look at various topics throughout the rest of the semester.

theoretical persp

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For my Sociology and Cultural Studies students, this is largely a test.  We will see how the next few weeks go with bringing notes to class, being on task, etc. If things go well, then you get to keep this privilege.  If not, it’s back to the old-fashioned way!

Good luck!